Analytics with Real Time Collaboration

Visualize Performance with Dashboards
Engage in Data Driven Discussions
Document Findings and Lessons Learned

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Business Analytics Portals

eCorpSys Analytics Portals combine business analytics with collaboration in a single web portal environment. This means one place to better understand company performance data, produce innovative solutions to business challenges, document and share findings throughout the company.


Analytics Portals help optimize sales, marketing, and operational performance to produce better business outcomes.

Business Categories
Overall Sales Performance
Sales Rep Performance
Customer Performance
Marketing Performance
Product Performance
Service Delivery Performance
Inventory Performance
Manufacturing Performance


Our Analytics extract value from your data to support operational decisions and big picture goals.

Analytical Benefits
Make Sense Out of Raw Data with Cumulative Performance Totals
Identify Successes and Areas of Concern by Comparing Results with Targets and Past Performance
Monitor Progress and Track Strategic Goals with KPIs and Metrics
Break Away from Spreadsheets and Disparate Collections of Data to Increase Accuracy and Big Picture Awareness


Analytics Portals make it easy to quickly gain insight into business performance and strategic progress with interactive dashboards and cutting-edge visual aids.

Visualization Examples
Graphical Charts with Click-able Series Elements and Data Value Pop-ups
Sortable Web Tables with Embedded Graphics for Trending
Interactive Filters and Drill Downs to Dig Deeper into Data Issues
KPI Bars with Colored Zones to Visually Recognize Good, Satisfactory, and Poor Performance


Analytics Portals provide a collaborative environment for teams to create business solutions based on performance data.

Team Oriented Benefits
Collaborate to Understand What is Driving Trends and Spot Anomalies in Performance
Engage in Discussion with the Team to Improve Performance and Solve Problems
Let Technology Help Determine the Best Solutions by Rating and Ranking Ideas
Solicit Feedback to Validate Solutions and Solidify Decision Making
Build an Interactive Environment for Managers and Staff to Discuss Plans and Review Results


An Analytics Portal gives the team real-time access to innovate over the web. This format speeds up team progress, increases member participation, and ultimately leads to better results.

Real Time Innovation
See Business Data, Discussions, and Solutions as They Occur in Real Time
Respond Faster to Changing Market and Business Conditions
Boost Participation by Enabling Team Members to Contribute When Available
Speed Up Innovation by Eliminating Meeting and Conference Call Delays
Increase Productivity for Remote Workers, Traveling Executives, Busy Sales Reps and Employees


Our Portals offer advanced features to capture, store, and share team content and collaboration.

Content Management Benefits
Capture Collaboration to Recall Why Decisions Were Made
Store Knowledge to Allow Future Teams to Benefit from Lessons Learned
Calculate Team Member Participation to Reward Staff for Innovation
Offer Training Programs Online for Faster Learning and Reduced Costs
Help Staff Find Answers Quickly with Q&A Sessions
Share Documents and Collateral, Track Changes, Find Files with Keywords
Make Company Processes and Procedures More Accessible and Easier to Manage

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