Interactive Extranet Portals

Better Serve Your Customers
Solicit Feedback to Drive Innovation
Engage Customers to Build Loyalty

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Customer Extranet Portals

Build an Extranet to better server your customers, vendors, or business partners. eCorpSys Extranet Portals offer a great selection of features to power your site and improve the relationship with your customers and partners. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with an Extranet.

News, Announcements, Information

Extranet Portals can deliver customized news, product or company information to each of your customers or vendors. News and updates can be tagged and targeted by partner type, industry segment, market segment, product category and more.

Documents, Files, Reports

Use the document library to deliver documents, files, reports, white papers, case studies, and more to your customers. You can control access by company, individual, or group to customize content for each customer, vendor, or partner.

Knowledge Base

Build a knowledge base to provide a set of self-help documents and articles that answer common questions, problems, procedures, and know-how to reduce the load on your support staff.

Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards allow your customers to post messages, ask questions, or seek help on product, service, or other topics while encouraging your experts, partners, or customers to collaborate in developing solutions.

Customer Feedback

Solicit Feedback from your customers on your product and service delivery. Find out what products are driving the customer relationship. Get advice from your customers on future products. Find out, directly from your customers, about your strengths and weaknesses.