Dynamic Internet Sites

Create Articles and Pages on Your Own
Improve Rankings with Fresh Content
Use Site Tools to Generate Sales Leads
Entice Prospects with Rich Media

Internet Demo

Internet Website Portals

Build a dynamic, social Internet Site to offer fresh content, get ranked higher, and attract more potential customers. Here are a few examples of how an eCorpSys powered Internet can help you benefit from social marketing strategy and build a better internet for your organization.

Web Publishing

Our Internet platform provides an easy to use interface to quickly build and manage web content (CMS). You can add pages, change page names or locations in seconds. No need to wait for coders to update the site, we empower your staff to create and edit content using a rich text editor built into the Internet Site.


Help your experts and leaders reach out to potential customers to demonstrate knowledge, increase understanding, or attract attention with blogs about hot topics related to your business.

Calendar and Events

Let your public know about special company dates or industry events. Track registration and attendance to automate event management.

Documents and Files

Use the document library to deliver documents, white papers, or case studies to your public audience. Manage access on a file by file basis to require registration for key collateral.

Forms and Registration

Build event, topic, or demo registration forms to facilitate the lead generation process.


eCorpSys Internet Sites enable content creators to work in a separate environment without touching your live site. Content editors can then modify and later approve draft content to make it live. We can help you automate the review and approval process with a workflow to empower the system to manage itself.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Internet Sites can help optimize your site for search engines by automatically managing page updates and making new content immediately available. Our Sites also provide an interface for setting keywords and robot instructions to support marketing campaign efforts.