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eCorpSys developers can help you build a custom application for your business. We have development expertise in all major languages, so we can help you get it done right. Web applications are hot these days, and open source development environments are gaining in popularity. If you want to try one of these approaches, we are one of the few who have been there and done that. Please read below to learn more about our application development process.


Perhaps the most important part of any development project is to properly understand your needs. We take our time to understand the exact nature of all your requirements to make sure everyone is on the same page and to ensure that you get what you want.


Our engineers take your requirements list and proceed to plan or design your solution.


This phase is where our engineers program or code the design for each software module of your project.

Agile Process

For projects that have requirements that are either not well understood or may undergo significant change, we have an agile (iterative or incremental) development process that focuses more on coding and working software first as opposed to documentation and preparation. Depending on your project, this may be a good option for developing your application.


Our development process includes unit testing (by development and test engineers), system testing (by test engineer), and acceptance testing (by customer). If using the agile process, this is a compact form of all three.


We can help build a production environment for you, or use your existing production environment if you are happy with it. This includes servers, infrastructure, network access, operating system, and software stack.

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