Collaborative Intranet Portals

Improve Teamwork and Staff Productivity
Capture and Share Company Knowledge
Manage Documents and Online Content
Save Time with Process Automation

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Employee Intranet Portals

eCorpSys Intranet Portals offer a great selection of features that can help your staff capture and share information, news, documents, and knowledge about company process, procedures and know-how. Our portals can also help to automate tasks, information gathering, and team workflows. Here are just a few examples of what you could do with an eCorpSys Intranet solution.

News, Events, Announcements

Intranet portals can help distribute company and employee information such as: internal news or newsletter, calendar, events, and more (customized or targeted by company, department, or team).

Documents, Files, Reports

Our Intranet portals offer a comprehensive document management solution for your organization. File access can be controlled with extensive role-based permissions. Documents are tracked for version changes and tagged to make searching and finding easy. And you can use pretty much any kind of computer, tablet, or phone to get what you need with a web browser or file manager program.

Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards are great for team and topic collaboration. Employees can ask questions about projects, technology, service processes, products, procedures, and more. Team members and colleagues can then collaborate in developing solutions in a documented manner, so other employees can benefit from the group discussion.

Employee Forms and Feedback

Companies usually have many employee forms and questionnaires that can be placed inside the Intranet to automate the collection and review of information. An eCorpSys Intranet can help solicit feedback and ideas from employees for training programs, company events, performance reviews, product design, benefits plan changes, emergency contacts, vacation requests, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Knowledge Base

Build a knowledge base to document internal processes, procedures, know-how, or to facilitate and automate employee learning. Avoid answering the same questions over and over, or worse getting different answers to the same question, by placing knowledge into the Knowledge Base to ensure a consistent and accurate flow of knowledge in the organization.

Workflows and Process Automation

We can help you build a workflow to automatically distribute information, assign tasks, and conduct reviews for your staff. eCorpSys Intranet portals are capable of managing processes and approvals for documents, specifications, program launches, performance reviews, change orders, or process improvement efforts. This feature alone could save hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of productivity for your company.