Turn the Page on Old Technology

Better Solve Business Needs
Increase System Security and Scalability
Invest in a Platform that Grows with You

Application Migration Services

Technology changes and advances every year, presenting IT organizations with an opportunity to add capabilities, cut costs, or better solve business needs. eCorpSys consultants can help evaluate these opportunities and migrate old systems to new technologies.

Migration Opportunities

The following scenarios are typically an indication that it is a good time to consider an application migration project.

  • Features in current systems do not adequately solve business needs
  • Changing business requirements drive the need for better system security
  • A system does not scale well to support a growing user base
  • A major system update is required that requires investments in time and money
  • Management of existing systems needs to be simplified or reduced

Open Source Applications

Open source applications can be an attractive option with the ability to add flexibility, remove vendor lock-in, and reduce project costs. Flexibility is possibly the most important benefit because it empowers organizations to customize the application, integrate with other systems, and move or migrate data between software systems and application environments over the long term.

Migration Projects

Our migration process first looks at ways to utilize existing investments in technology and business processes to get the most out of your assets. We then put together a plan to build your new application that includes design, development, testing, and deployment services to provide assistance throughout the migration. Our process significantly improves IT project success rates to reduce technology risks for your organization.

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