Business Analytics Solutions

Better Understand Company
Sales and Operational Performance
Collaborate to Solve Business Issues
Capture and Share Lessons Learned

Employee Intranet Solutions

Manage Documents and Online Content
Capture and Share Company Knowledge
Save Time with Process Automation

Customer Extranet Solutions

Better Serve Your Customers
Solicit Feedback to Drive Innovation
Engage Customers to Build Loyalty

Internet Website Solutions

Publish Articles and Pages by Yourself
Improve Rankings with Fresh Content
Build a Following thru Social Interaction

IP Telephony Solutions

Lower Equipment and Service Costs
Loads of Features to Meet Your Needs
Empowered with IP Based Technology

Application Solutions

We specialize in business portals and communications. Our solutions can help your team analyze company performance, share ideas, produce results, manage documents, capture knowledge, distribute information, improve communications, as well as cut costs. Take a look at a few of our solutions below, and don't hesitate to request a demo or ask for an evaluation to get a better idea of how we can help you do more with better technology.

Business Analytics

Empower your team with an intelligent web portal that combines business analytics with real-time collaboration. Give the team one place to better understand company performance, visualize analytical results, discuss current issues, produce innovative solutions, document and share their findings.

Employee Intranets

Empower your employees to collaborate and innovate with an Intranet. eCorpSys Intranet portals facilitate the learning, sharing, and problem solving process by managing news, documents, knowledge, and team discussions inside the organization. The Intranet can also help automate your business processes to achieve a substantial boost in productivity.

Customer Extranets

Build an Extranet to better server your customers, vendors, and business partners. eCorpSys Extranet portals can deliver customized product news, company announcements, documents and reports, product manuals and procedures, FAQs, problem solving discussions, and even solicit information to help design your next product or service offering.

Internet Websites

Empower your Internet site with fresh content, blogs, dynamic news and feeds, product or service advertising, and social collaboration tools to make your site go viral. eCorpSys Internet portals make it easy to create and update content, all by yourself. Better yet, we can help put your website to work, by having it generate leads for you.

IP Telephony

eCorpSys Telephony systems offer advanced features that empower organizations to do more with their phone system and achieve long-term savings.