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eCorpSys White Papers

eCorpSys white papers offer insight into pressing technology areas that can help your business. The best part is that these technology gems are free for you to download. 

Business Intelligence Primer

With all the data available in today's technology world, companies of all sizes have been looking at analytics as a way to become more competitive. This white paper explains why all companies should be looking at Business Intelligence and what to look for in a BI solution.

Business Intelligence Options Explained

Business Intelligence is a technology area that is becoming more and more important for businesses of all sizes to boost revenue and profits. This white paper helps simplify the process of picking the right solution for your organization by analyzing some of the leading BI solutions in the market today.

Business Intelligence Data Mining

The data revolution is upon us, but data by itself has little value to companies. Finding signals in a sea of digital noise is the key to extracting value. This whitepaper explores how to use data discovery to find key relationships that drive our business goals and make us more competitive.