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Powerful and Flexible IP Telephony Systems

IP Telephony systems offer powerful features, such as easy capacity planning and zero phone setup, as well as tremendous flexibility to build your own communications network and avoid product obsolescence (via software updates).


Easy Capacity Planning

When it comes to capacity planning, we all know it can be difficult to make the decision of how much extra to spend on phone lines and back-end phone numbers that we may never use. It is often a delicate balance of controlling costs versus handling those rare situations when you may receive an extraordinary amount of calls. IP telephony turns the capacity problem of lines and numbers into a single trunk bandwidth calculation with its ability to route an unlimited number of calls on a single trunk over a single phone number. When it comes to bandwidth, IP telephony has codec options that allow you to increase call capacity by a factor of 3 over analog service codecs. The time has come when we can finally cut costs on lines and numbers without sacrificing peak capacity.


Zero Phone Setup

Centralized provisioning adds "zero phone setup" features that allow you to never touch a phone again for programming. IP telephony servers, such as the eCorpSys Telephony Server, do most of the system deployment work for you. If you have never seen a hundred phones or so come up, get their own firmware and application updates, configure themselves and connect to your phone server, I assure you, it is a thing of beauty. Eliminating phone programming can save your IT staff large amounts of time and hassle, especially if we are talking about a large number of phones, or phones spread out over multiple offices.


Build Your Own Network

The time has come when we no longer need to route all our calls over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or a proprietary phone network setup by your service provider. You can now build your own IP based network to route office to office and other calls over a standard IP network, and you can do it without extra setup or fees from your service provider. The ability to build your own communications network is perhaps one of the most powerful features that IP telephony has to offer because it reduces our reliance on the PSTN and offers no fee, no tax calling capabilities.


Flexible Open Technology

Open technology phone servers offer loads of features like integrated voice mail, email message notification, cell phone user locator, call center management, video communications, robust firewall security, and more. These servers also offer expansion options for future needs to avoid the problem of having your server become obsolete shortly after you purchase it. Servers based on open technology can also be updated in the field to offer new and better features as the world evolves. Proprietary telephony servers often reserve new features for new products because they want you to buy a new system. With open technology, new features can be as simple as a software update.


If you would like to learn more about our IP Telephony systems, you can review features with this link, or equipment options with this link.