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Driving IT Improvements with an Intranet


A modern Intranet is where content management meets social collaboration to provide a platform for innovation and problem solving that produces faster results using fewer resources.

We've all heard the knowledge story before. Knowledge capture and knowledge searching can produce large scale benefits for organizations. While a good Intranet is based on this concept, it is social collaboration that is driving the next generation of Intranet technology. We can take the power of social networking and apply it inside the private company domain to produce meaningful benefits that improve teamwork and foster innovation.

In the IT department, this concept can be applied to build an online help system that includes an FAQ, knowledge base, user discussion forum, IT news, IT procedures, and IT system links. The Intranet can provide all of these features, allowing IT staff to post content and distribute it to the entire company instantly. The Intranet can also build a sharing culture where users can help other users and contribute to solve problems. For example, if an IT staff member is busy working on a project or putting out a fire, another knowledgeable user could respond to a question and add a solution to an ongoing discussion. In this manner, the Intranet produces faster issue resolution and documents solutions in a way that allows other users to later find answers to questions that have already been solved.

A good deal of time can be saved with this technology. The Intranet can help free IT staff to work on new systems, new features, to provide better testing for OS and Office upgrades, or to provide higher quality support for users. Getting the right information to users at the right time is an issue that faces all IT departments. Not having enough time to complete important projects is another such issue. A modern Intranet can reshape your support process in a way that provides faster solutions to users and frees IT staff to work on more projects and better support the company.

Contact an eCorpSys consultant for a demo and evaluation to learn more about how an Intranet can help your organization.